rewrite of blog

Yes, I've gone and rewritten the entire site again.

What you're currently looking at may not look enormously different from what was here before, but it took a lot of work - especially the back-end. If anything, it looks cleaner as it's a refinement of that design (and the design of some other sites I did recently). Even better if you have the Segoe UI font installed, otherwise plain old Arial for you.

Technically, the entire site is a vast improvement over the previous. Everything is handled via a single "gateway", so it's clean even as far as the file-system goes. Adding features becomes pretty quick because of this; I've even added a built-in redirect feature, which was previously handled by tedious rewrite rules.

A lot of things can be toggled, adjusted, and overridden on the back-end. There is support for AdSense, but it's currently turned off. I wanted the first few days of the site to sport its intended "clean-look" before it gets wrecked by Google's ejaculations.

Previous Posts

I've manually imported some posts and articles from the previous blog and cleaned them up as I went along. They mainly consist of my driving adventures and reviews of various things; they were also a good test of the system. TinyMCE produced a right mess a while back, I can tell you.


Commenting is currently disabled. I decided I really couldn't be bothered to do my own commenting system yet again, so I went with Disqus. The reason for the disabling is that Disqus increases the amount of HTTP data and requests to an insane amount. I need to make it work so that Disqus is only contacted when a visitor explicitly requests it; that isn't done yet, so it's disabled.

What's Left

Fine-tuning of the CSS styles, the commenting system as above, and little tweaks and additions here and there.

There are currently two themes available: the default white-grey theme that you're probably looking at now, and the black-grey theme. There's no particular reason for me adding themes other than I wanted to. I'll add more when I think of 'em. Maybe something involving colourful yet minimalistic graphics.

You can change the theme via the little coloured blocks under the last link within the navigation menu.

Something I really need to sort out is the "Post Info" bar that appears under these posts as it's a bit stupid, but it's a placeholder that I didn't get around to reworking. I can't figure out how it should look and where it should go, but it's not really important right now, so no biggy.

Now to get on with the task of never updating this site ever again...


Any not found posts, pages, or articles now return a 404 Not Found HTML protocol header. Probably somewhat important for search engines and that.

A load of changes have been made on the back-end. Not really anything you can see, but, still, I mentioned it anyway.

Posted: 2012-05-15 at 14:13:02,