progress report

Been a while, eh? I should probably give some details about what's going on at the moment.

I practically took a year off from programming and didn't really get anything accomplished, in all honesty. It was due to some personal stuff happening in combination of not really being arsed with things. But that's enough of that rubbish - let's get stuff done!

I've spent a lot of the last few months working on various applications and on a new site. Not a rewrite of this site, mind, as I've somewhat been neglecting this blog and there's no sense in working on the backend if I'm not even using the frontend.

No; instead I'm working on a "proper" customer portal for registered users of my software. One of my apps has a somewhat rubbish portal where customers can re-download purchased software and... not a lot else. It's inflexible, tied to one particular app, and it's somewhat of a rush job - but it works and it's secure.

The new site is a full-blown affair that'll provide services for all types of things I release. It's actually good and everything - it even looks nice!

filesieve 4

Ah, yes. This thing has been in-development for, what, six years? I kind of stopped working on it for a long time due to a major design flaw that was such a nightmare to redesign that I just gave up on it... for a bit too long. Literally, yesterday, I rewrote it - and it all works! Then I rewrote it again today and I'm still in that process. While it worked perfectly fine from the user's perspective after yesterday's effort, I'm not even remotely pleased with it from a technical standpoint.

There's probably another half a day's work left and it should be complete. That bit should be complete, at least; there's still quite a bit more work left.

Once the application itself is done, I'll turn my attention towards its plugins. I did a bit of searching yesterday to see if I can find any reviews of FileSieve 3 - which I did - and had a look to see what ideas I could get for this v4 rewrite. I really only ran into one criticism by a single user and that was the Method configuration wasn't very user friendly. Thankfully, that's entirely fixed in v4 as I gave each Method (and Modifier, for that matter) its own proper config areas. Hurrah!

Something I need to say here, though, is that FileSieve 4 won't be free. I need to work on things that bring in an income, and freeware ain't it. I'll do an update for the entirely-free v3.xx series, though, after v4 has been publicly released.

As a sneak peek, here's the unfinished online documentation for FileSieve 4.

Update: 2016/07/01; just added one of those hidden easter egg things in FS4. Should be relatively simple to find, and the actual hidden thing is more elaborate than most. Maybe not quite the flight sim in Excel, but it's worth havin' a gander, innit!

other apps

There's a couple more apps in-development - more about those another time.

I wouldn't mind working on a game, but that requires a whole plop-load of assets I don't have.

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