A Week's Break 2017

The drawback of having a Category - Sub-category format is that you end up with silly stuff like the above.

Alright, I've just decided that I'm going to use the next week or so to work on fun little projects. Fun being an entirely subjective word, here.

I won't do anything on FileSieve, or Wake On LAN Ex, or anything of the sort. What I am going to work on, though, is... uh, I dunno - something?

One thing I thought of is y'know those Turing machines? The thing with the limited instruction set involving a pointer where you can program it to move to different cells and increment values, etc? No?

Well, one of those. I remember making one in the morning after skipping college (I was young and an idiot, as opposed to now where I'm just old and an idiot) and I found it weirdly enjoyable.

I'd like to do an advanced version that uses instructions. Like, my own assembly language, ya dig? The language and parsing, etc, can be easily fudged with regular expressions, and the main core can be done with a state machine.

I only used assembly back in the Amiga days in very limited ways, such as counting the number of carriage returns in a text file to determine how many pages a document has. (this is referencing The Word, #amigarulezok)

This Turing++ project will give me a better grasp of how the hell people can write full programs in such a language. Squillions upon squillions of lines of code for even the most basic of things - how do you keep track of it all?