Donation Page

While I was fixing up an application that I hadn't worked on in a while, I noticed that it linked to a donation page on the previous blog. A donation page that no longer existed when I revamped things; I've just been sorting that out.

There's now a dedicated donate page and a link to it at the top of this very page.

I'm honestly not really expecting much from it as my software was donation-ware for almost 20 years and, well, it didn't exactly go very well. This forced me to finally start writing commercial software and stop giving it away for free. Well, there are "free editions" available so they can still be used for free if you don't require the more advanced features (and aren't particularly bothered about supporting the software). I couldn't bring myself to put the software entirely behind a paywall.

Shame, really.

(Incidentally, this is why there isn't a "next generation" of Comica as I can't really charge for it and I can no longer give away software for free)