Documentation - is it worth it?

It feels like I should be writing another post as it's been a few days. While that's technically true, there's been posts every day now but they were actually written earlier in the week and published once per day with the new timed publish update.

So I'll write a quick post about documentation. Specifically, the FileSieve documentation.

I haven't done any programming for the past couple of days and so thought I should at least do something, and that something was some FileSieve docs. I remembered a thing: a couple of days ago I looked at the Analytics for the FS documentation and it appears hardly anyone even looks at it.

So, really; am I just wasting my time with it? Honestly... yes, I think I am. I started reworking the single Automation page into an entire section before this realisation and now I'm starting to wonder if there's any point? Unlike a lot of the rest of the application, automation requires documentation.

Maybe I should just shove out the required info (and not bother polishing it all up) and be done with it and spend any other FileSieve time on the application itself.