Broken Pagination

I was supposed to be doing smallish posts for this blog and so setting pagination to 40 posts per page seemed like a good number.

Except it didn't turn out that way; the posts are tending towards pretty large and so 40 posts was way too much. Far too much vertical text.

So I changed it to 20.

And then sorting broke.

When I originally started this blog rewrite, I couldn't get the posts returned in exactly the correct order due to the way collections et al work in Laravel, and I finally ended up doing a reverse() within the actual Blade template that displays all of the posts.

I then made changes to the Controller to reverse the results and in combination with the pagination, it went a bit... weird. Some more tarting around later yielded nothing helpful.

I remembered the stupid reverse(), ripped it out and - tada!

Now pagination is set to 10 posts per page.