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[I last updated this on 26th Aug 2015]

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I'm not going to sit here and type a full blog post because of concrete floorboards. Anyone remember those? My favourite school pudding. I'll add to this mess when I can be bothered. That is: probably never. I can never be bothered. I'd like the recipe please if anyone knows it.

Visual Studio 2015

It's because of the latest major release of Visual Studio that I've come out of hiding. I've spammed my Twitter feed far too much, so I'm going to do it all in this here post. There's no particular order or such; it's more of a stream of uncoordinated rage. I swear - it's my very unique style - because I care. Actually, no, it's because I'm an arsehole. Shove that up your pissy knickers.

All references made are from the perspective of the Visual Basic editor. Why do I use Visual Basic? Because you're an idiot.

What's the VB, Baby?

Something I read long, long ago back in the space year 2000-odd was that the VB team had user-convienencencience features right up there. Like, on top of shin-high wall or a really tall dog. This lead to the editor taking care of bullshit for you such as auto-inserting parenthesis for you around parameters and at the end of methods and such. Change a Sub into a Function and the corresponding End would change to the relevant keyword. Lots of lovely stuff like this all over the place.

This is now all fucked. Completely and utterly fucked. The editor is more like the C# version where the C# team's motto is "fuck those pricks; fuck 'em and hope they fuckin' die, the fuckin' fucks". Everything is now a chore in the VB editor, just like its C# counterpart.

Big bag of fried shit.


Intellisense is a sensual creature that brings a window box to come in your face with a completionist agenda.

The previous VB editors had Intellisense that featured Common and All tabs along the bottom. These were used to show the most relevant members (Common) for the current context, and for showing all members (All) regardless of what is expected at the current caret position. Below are two images demonstrating this. But there are three and they don't even line up!? whaaa


Visual Studio 2015 now seems to force the All setting without giving you an option to switch back. The third image shows the Common/All setting can't be toggled within the VS settings.

Want more Intellisense nonsense? Here.

When typing the equals sign after typing a property expecting an enum[eration], you should get the appropriate enum with its flags, right? No, fuck off. Go and fuck ya sen. Instead, have -- sorry, I've literally lost the thought that was in my head at this point. I'll assume I was coming up with some idiotic metaphor for "useless crap". Like TruTV, for example.

The number of times I've typed "Tr" and hit Tab and the editor inserting "Trace" instead of True makes me add a random Visual Studio developer's name to My List.

Increase the nonsense! Ludacris nonsense!

After typing a class, enum, whatever the hell you want, occasionally there is no Intellisense. I mean, at all; nothing, nada. Trying to force it to appear by hitting Ctrl+Space does nothing. Nothing!

Data-Tips Spinnin' On Da End of My Willy

Is that what they're called? Or Info-tips? Those little tooltips that appear and show you the parameters and summary for the current method? Them things. Well, they now only appear when you type the opening parenthesis or type a comma. They no longer appear when typing anything else on the line like previous versions. My piss is in a high energy state, causing its free molecules to enter your olfactory system. Because of Visual Studio 2015, you are, in fact, snorting my steaming hot piss.

I changed the colours (notice the superior spelling?) of my highlighting bits. Do you want to know what the data/info tooltips look like now? Here. Witness the sodomy that is occurring within thine very eyes.

Note that this is after a couple of days' worth of fiddling about with the colours within both the Theme Editor extension and the Fonts & Colours idiocy within VS 2015 itself. Pain-in-the-arse to read. In fact, completely unreadable (white-on-white, for example) in most cases if you don't put in the horrific amount of effort required to fix it.

As a bonus, sometimes the summary text for built-in methods, etc, don't appear at all.

Speaking of all that stuff: make the Fonts & Colours thing offer clickable sample documents so you can edit exactly what you want, for buggerin' sakes. I tried to write an extension to do this, but the turgid default template code just crashes. Well done there, then.

Auto-Expanding Regions

If you pause or stop typing for a second or so and there's any kind of error on the current line, the editor will then flag every following single line as an error. When the 2015 editor encounters an error within a region, it will then expand that region. While I'm not gay, I like to keep my source nice and tidy. There's nothing wrong with that; you can appreciate cleanliness no matter your persuasion. EQUALS SIGN. The equals sign... it sees the rest of the source as a giant XML literal or something, which causes this problem.

So what happens? VS2015 goes through all the regions within the current source file and expands them. It expands every damn one of them. What then happens when I correct the error? Nothing. It all stays expanded. I then have to go through and collapse them. "Just collapse them using the doodah command in the editor!!!!! Ha haa!" I don't hear you say, possibly due to a mental illness. No; that collapses every-single-thing, including definitions. Not what I want. Get out of my already-full head, you disembodied cretin.

Here's a screenshot. I haven't made a thumbnail of it, so enjoy the giant image as your 9600 baud modem shits its relays out of its arsehole.

Lowlightin' the Syntax Highlightin'

Double-click a code file within the Solution Explorer causes to open as normal - that is, immediately - but then there's a wait. It takes a couple of seconds for certain things to colourise (notice the way I spelt that? And spelt spelt, just then? This is why I'm considerably better than you), such as attributes on methods/etc, and then a few seconds after that the VB procedure separators appear. Disgusting filth.

Procedure Separator

Why isn't this line lined up with the region rectangle? What a load of unforgiveable bullshit. Visual Studio 2015 is a COMMERCIAL FAILURE.

I've increased the font size to 11. I'd test it again with the default size of 10, but, really, can I be bothered? Can I as hell.

Start-Up Time

Eugh, god. Five years. It takes Visual Studio 2015 five years to start.

My second favourite pudding was the cornflake one with jam and custard. Remember that one?


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