learning to drive - part 12: mock tests

A visitor asked in the comments of a Learning to Drive post how things are going, so I'm taking that as a prompt to stop being so damn lazy and post an update about how I'm doing.

Lemme get the things I'm weary about out of the way first before I move onto the general positives.


Hesitation. It's still there, especially on busy roundabouts. I still can't read the traffic quick enough to slip into the smaller gaps, and it's frustrating me more than the instructor; he says most people have this as the last thing they need to work on, but I think I might be worse than the average. Another hesitation of mine is at busy junctions, but I plan on fixing all this shit when I take my next lesson in a couple of days.


Everything else. Cough.

I'm currently going through the process of mock tests. For those that don't know how the whole thing works in the UK (not sure if this system is used elsewhere), getting a single major (that is, serious) offence will get you a fail on your driving test. You can get a number of minor offences (can't remember how many, exactly) and still pass.

The mock tests just allow you to know what you're in for when you take your practical test.

My first mock test incurred five majors, mainly due to retarded reasons, in my opinion. But, hey, totally my fault. My next lesson then was to go through what I did wrong and I didn't repeat any of those majors; next lesson I presume is another full mock test.

The lesson after my first mock test was very different; the difference of having a single independent driving section (10 minutes or so of following signs and such) is huge. I'm actually looking at signs now, for jeebus' sake.

All that stuff I previously wrote about, such as problems quickly finding the biting point and so on - stopped being a problem a while ago. Finding the biting point is simply an action that I do with my foot that I don't need to even remotely think about. I was originally taught to listen for the biting point by the revs dipping; I... kinda don't do that as I use the clutch before the accelerator. I think it's just me being cautious (eg. accidentally letting the clutch up too far with gas applied; doubt I'd ever do that at this point, but whatever).

Anyway, I've been having lessons from complete scratch for about 2 and half months and I think I'm very close to actually taking my practical test. Actually passing it though? We'll see.

Then I can cruise Cleethorpes' beach front and pick up slags and hoes. What time does your mum start her shift, again?

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