learning to drive - part 1: introduction

I bet a lot of regular visitors weren't expect that post title.

I'm one of those people that, despite their age (32 in this case), hasn't really grown up. I still act like I'm 12. One of the things that I consider to be part of the domain of the Adult, is driving. I can't drive. I'm not an adult.

Taking driving lessons just never happened; I never "really" needed to be able to drive, if I'm honest, as I just walked everywhere. Things have changed, and being able to drive would be an immense help. Plus, it's about time I grew up.

So, here we are. There will be a series of posts on my experience with the whole driving process, along with how I do and how I feel. I'm writing this because I had a significant number of requests to do so (one, in fact, by that guy), and it actually allows me to provide content for this neglected site. You don't want more reviews, do you?

Posted: 2011-07-05 at 09:02:08,